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Passenger & Commercial Lifts

ICARE Lifts: The Best Company for Passenger Lifts

The passenger lifts travel in a vertical manner within the lift shaft. They help in transporting people from one floor to another. The passengers can move inside the building at a quick speed, and the control systems are designed to offer the most economical results.

Simple and Reliable Passenger Lifts

With our reliable passenger lifts for home, we have been making elevating easy for people since years. Our lifts are easy to choose, easy to own, and easier to use. We design elevators that can easily serve low to high rise buildings in residential areas. The ICARE Lifts passenger lifts are a reflection of comfort, efficiency, and style.

Our passenger elevator is made of high-quality components which offer quiet, smooth, and provides reliable performance.

Why Choose Our Passenger Lifts ?

  • Smooth operations Our passenger elevator is designed in such a way that you can operate them easily for commuting fromone floor to another owing to the use of the latest technology. You can move from one floor to another in no time owing to the speed, and you won’t even feel that the lift is moving: it’s so smooth.
  • Quality With ICARE Lifts, you can rest assured about the usage of standardized components in the lift along with pre-engineered solutions. This ensures reliable performance along with superior quality standards.
  • Innovative technology With ICARE Lifts, you can be sure about the use of innovative technology in the passenger hoist lift. LED lighting, standby mode, etc help our lifts in being energy- efficient.

Features of Our Passenger Elevator

  • Our passenger lift for home has capacity based on the available floor space.
  • Usually, passenger lifts are available in different capacities, such as 4 to 26 passengers.
  • The speed of the passenger lift for home varies from 0.5 meter/ sec to 2.5 meter/ sec.
  • The passenger lifts can be specialized and customized based on the service they perform, which includes hospital emergency, front and back entrance, double-decker, and others.
  • The residential lifts can be customized from single occupancy to being large enough to accommodate more than a dozen people.
  • Technical Features
  • Our lifts have a high-quality range of interior finishes to suit your aesthetic sensibilities.
  • The lifts come with ease of installation and maintenance.
  • Our designs have safety parameters as an integral part of the design, lift operation, and maintenance.
  • The lifts are designed and built to offer a long service life.
  • ICARE Lifts are perfect for high-traffic areas such as medical facilities, hospitals, and commercial buildings.
  • Lifts come with a high-quality motor, controller, and inverter.
  • We offer flexibility to build the shaft in concrete, steel, or brick.
  • The high-quality safety devices protect the user and service technician.
  • Standard and customized lifts are available based on your needs. The passenger hoist lift can be used in commercial spaces as well, such as colleges, complexes, malls,hospitals, restaurants, hotels, retail stores, etc. If you wish to explore more about our passenger lifts, get in touch with our team today.

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