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Firemen Evacuation Lifts

Firemen Evacuation Lifts

ICARE Lifts, a national leader in construction lift production, has created an Advanced Emergency Firemen Evacuation Lift.


ICARE Lifts, a national leader in construction lift production, has created an Advanced Emergency Firemen Evacuation Lift. This lift’s main feature is that it can be customized to fit the architecture of an existing or new building, and it’s composed of fire-resistant panels that can survive fire for up to two hours, assisting in the emergency evacuation of individuals trapped during a fire. It is appropriate for all sorts of structures, ranging from three to sixty stories. It may be used for a variety of structures, including residential and commercial high-rise buildings up to 400 metres in height, hospitals, hotels, factories, refineries, and so on. The CFO of the Mumbai Fire Brigade has established safety standards for our lifts. Currently, no clearances from the PWD or BMC are necessary.

Get India’s Best Firemen Evacuation Lift

Fire is the greatest devourer and can bring the biggest establishment to ruins. Recently it showed its destructive potency in Amazon forests, but fire-related accidents and destruction are no less common in residential properties. A firemen evacuation lift is thus an essential infrastructure for all buildings – whether residential or commercial. When it comes to firemen evacuation lift, these structures have to be of the highest quality – and they are often measured on the yardstick of how long they can withstand fire without burning themselves. The difference in time can prove to be a tremendous lifesaver. A firemen evacuation lift made of the right material can help save valuable life and property in the unforeseen event of the place catching fire. It is required for large residential as well as commercial buildings.

Firemen Evacuation Lift – A Modern Solution

Our firemen evacuation lift is a modern solution that can provide to be even more beneficial when it comes to saving lives. These lifts can fit in buildings of various types and can prove a lifesaver as the fire-resistant panels of which it is made won’t catch fire for up to two hours. Capable of rising to thirty meters, these lifts can be used by firemen to rescue people in the burning building, whether they are factories, homes, hospitals, schools, etc. Buildings of up to fifty stories can use these lifts. These lifts are in adherence to industrial security standards and are available at really affordable prices. Additionally, these lifts come with the trust of ICARE Lifts, India’s best lifts and elevator solution providers that also have goodwill in the market for supplying several other types of lifts as well. Though the risk of fire-caused damage can’t be eliminated, these excellent lifts can help you minimize the damage. Thus, if you are interested in these innovative firemen evacuation lifts, then contact us with your query.

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