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What Are The Different Kinds Of Construction Lifts?

Construction lifts refer to any lifting machinery which features aerial platforms that are supported by vehicle-mounted extensions. They can conduct numerous tasks, from lifting workers to hard-to-reach spots to moving materials during construction.

There are numerous kinds of lifter machine for construction. Every kind of lift has its own pros and cons. To select the right kind of lift for your construction project, you must understand the various kinds of lifts and their specific benefits.

Following are the main kinds of construction lifts:

Articulating boom lifts

Such lifts are also called knuckle lifts because of the shape of their arms. Articulated boom lifts are aerial platforms featuring a jointed arm and a work platform that reaches high job sites. The arm’s base is connected to a turn table, which allows it to bend in different directions. This makes the lift to be able to move within obstacles as well as move workers to typically impossible areas.

Articulated booms usually have a 130 feet maximum lift height and are used mostly for maintenance tasks, exterior cleaning and repair of electric fixtures and pipes. Construction material lifting hoist is another main use.

Telescopic boom lifts

These are aerial platforms connected to the long, stretchable arm that moves down, up and forward, enabling workers to reach super-high elevations. In contrast to articulating boom lifts, these lifts are equipped with small buckets that can accommodate only one worker at a time. As such, they are suited for jobs that can be completed by one person.

Towable boom lifts

Since they are designed for easy transport, such lifts are ideally suited for projects that need the conveyance of equipment between two sites. Such lifts are typically fitted with arms that function like that of telescopic boom lifts. The only difference is that the arms don’t bend.

Bucket trucks

Such lifts are also called Cherry Pickers. They are truck-mounted aerial platforms connected to hydraulic cranes. They are typically used to pick fruits in orchards or help workers to access utility lines.

These lifts are also used to install warehouse racks and lights as well as maintenance jobs that need workers to access very high locations. Typically, they have a maximum height of 160 feet for lifting. They can be transported easily and fast because they are attached to wheeled vehicles, which can be driven at much higher speeds on highways.

Rough terrain scissor lifts

These are a kind of scissor lifts. They are equipped with heavy-duty tires to enable operation in rugged conditions and exterior settings. They can operate in all kinds of terrains, such as sites with uneven surfaces. These scissor lifts are so designed to move up or down and have a maximum height of 60 feet for lifting. Though their lift height is lesser than those of boom lifts, they are fitted with wider platforms with a bigger weight capacity amounting to 2,500 lbs.

Vertical mast lifts

They are a kind of aerial construction lift made by lift manufacturers in India to help workers access high sites in tight spaces. They can move only down or up and, therefore, find utility in highly narrow spaces. They feature a platform which can accommodate 2 or more persons. A major benefit of this lift is its ease of transport. But their maximum height of lift is less than 30 feet, much lesser than that of boom lifts and scissor lifts. 

In sum, these are the main kinds of construction lifts in the market. The lift of your choice depends upon the height of the destination, the weight of the load and the size of the work.

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