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Passenger Hoists

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Passenger Hoists

ICARE Lifts Passenger & Material Hoist come in a variety of capacities, speeds, and lifting heights. All versions are certified by Govt. Certified Charted engineer. Heavy Duty design protects the structure’s and electrical controls’ long-term viability.


A Complete Guide to Passenger & Material Construction Lifts – Installation and Pricing

For any construction project, an elevator system is one of the essential equipment to lift materials to various floors or levels of the building. ICARE Lifts offers a wide range of elevator systems broadly categorized into two main types: passenger elevator lifts and material lifts. Passenger lifts, instrumental in facilitating the vertical movement of individuals within a construction site, boast a capacity to accommodate 6-20 people comfortably. Material lifts, on the other hand, play a vital role in transporting construction materials vertically. Our elevator system possesses substantial load-bearing capacity to provide safe, reliable, and efficient solutions at comparatively lower material and passenger lift prices, making it a budget-friendly service for your construction needs.

Installation of Material or Passenger Elevator Lift

Installing a construction or passenger elevator lift is a task of intricate complexity, warranting the involvement of qualified professionals. The procedure involves several fundamental stages intrinsic to the establishment of either a passenger or material hoist:

  • Site Preparation: Primarily, the site necessitates meticulous preparation to accommodate the construction or passenger elevator lift installation. Our Service encompasses the clearance of the designated area, excavation for foundation creation, and concrete pouring.
  • Foundation: Subsequently, the foundation establishment phase ensues. The foundation must possess robust structural integrity capable of sustaining the weight of the lift and its occupants or cargo.
  • Structural Construction: The subsequent endeavour involves constructing the essential lift components, including the cab, hoistway, and guide rails. These elements collectively contribute to the operational efficiency of the passenger hoist.
  • Electrical and Mechanical Systems: The final stage involves installing electrical and mechanical systems. ICARE Lifts ensures that the electrical integration of motors, controllers, and safety mechanisms are all working correctly for the operation’s functionality.

Price Factors of Passenger Lifts for Home or Construction Projects

The price of a passenger lift can vary depending on several factors, including the type of lift, the lift’s size, the lift’s features, and the lift’s location. Factors that sway pricing include:

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