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Residential elevators

Must-Have Features Of Residential Lifts

A Residential lift or home lift is any elevator or lift installed in a residential home. The most common residential lift device is a home elevator, called a residential elevator.

Residential elevators belong to a unique class of elevators that share the same features as bigger, full-size passenger elevators. Yet, they differ in some major ways.

Home lifts differ from big commercial or passenger elevators in the following ways. They are half the size of the latter. They have speeds that are much smaller than the latter. They feature swing doors rather than commercial-style sliding doors of big elevators. They need routine maintenance only every six months compared to monthly upkeep for commercial lifts. Home lifts are also much cheaper than commercial lifts.

Residential lifts, home lifts, or domestic lifts are becoming important in the modern, fast-paced world. In the last few decades, lifts have become common in both commercial buildings as well as residential societies.

The following are some critical features of home lifts:

Design fitting the space

The structure and design of the lift must fit the space left for the same and benefit the residents. Lifts that need massive space and feature bulky parts cannot be fitted anywhere. Much work needs to be completed to install these spacious and bulky lifts.

Onus on safety

At any cost, there must not be any compromise on the safety of passengers. The lives of all individuals are precious. Because of the vertical movement of a lift, it is critical to arrange safety equipment and accessories incorporated into the design and the way in which they will enable secure mobility.

Plans for maintenance and installation

Every reputed lift manufacturer will offer a well-designed plan for installing and maintaining the domestic lift. This ensures a problem-free experience for passengers using such lifts. Such maintenance plans help save you a lot of money and headaches. There is no need for you to worry about the upkeep of the lift.

Design to enhance property value

Buying and installing a home lift implies that you are boosting the value of the home as well as the whole building. But it is vital that you do not install a lift simply for its sake; it must have a design that enhances the aesthetics of the apartment.

Level of comfort

Several home lifts are equipped with designer accessories such as mirrors and railings. Ensure that the lift offers a luxurious and comfortable experience for users.

Safety features

Manufacturers of home lifts include the following safety features:

  • Door interlock system: The cab will not open when it has not reached the right floor.
  • Emergency alarm
  • Facility of power backup- in the event of power failure
  • Access to land-line telephone
  • Safety cable devices
  • Emergency lighting: so no one is caught up in a dark lift
  • Locks for control panel: to avoid mishandling or sabotage 
  • Emergency switch for stopping the lift

In sum, these are some general as well as safety features of home lifts. After all, they are very useful features of all high-rise buildings, including residential societies. Note that the biggest concerns with regard to home or residential lifts are the convenience and safety of passengers.

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