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Get the Reliable Residential Elevators in Mumbai

The number and height of residence is continuously growing in the fast-paced era, so residential elevators become crucial. We understand installing elevators in your residence will make a big difference in your life. ICARE Lifts is the best choice for the residential elevator in Mumbai, as we have hands-on experience with a diversified client base and have the required insight to facilitate you with iconoclastic solutions.

Mumbai is a city known for its fast-paced life and tall buildings, where elevators become crucial to save time and energy. Apart from it, lifts add value to your residence and make mobility easy for people. If you are looking for a residential elevator in Mumbai, ICARE Lifts is there to help you. We have more than four decades of experience in the industry, and we understand your requirements.

ICARE Lifts for Different Types of Residential Lifts in Mumbai

At ICARE Lifts, we have various types of elevators based on your demands. In Mumbai, space has been the biggest concern for people, and our small residential elevator in Mumbai solves the space problem with compact platform lifts.

Hydraulic lift is one of the most demanded lifts for the resident place as it can lift a high amount of weight with ease. For frequent use and heavy-duty, consider hydraulic lifts.

Vacuum lifts are the latest innovation in the lift industry based on vacuum technology. It is used for stylish residences to match and enhance the appearance of the residence. However, it can carry up to two people or 250kg.

Glass lifts are generally used in the outer area of the residence to improve the building’s appearance. Its capacity ranges between 8 to 40 people.

MRL home lifts are for the small palace as it doesn’t require separate rooms. It is one of the best residential elevators in Mumbai for a small place.

Does ICARE Lifts provides Small Residential Elevator in Mumbai

ICARE Lifts has various types of lifts for small places in Mumbai. We manufacture the lifts with the latest technology, so they can fit in the compact area, safely.

Why Choose ICARE Lifts for Residential Elevators?

We understand that installing residential home elevators in Mumbai is costly and requires a big investment. We have come up with affordable residential lift prices in Mumbai that are safe to use. You also don’t need to invest a high amount in installation with ICARE Lifts.

Our elevators don’t demand high maintenance, which will not be heavy on your pocket. Our small residential elevator in Mumbai doesn’t need too much lubrication due to fewer moving parts, as the design is so simple yet unique.

Safety is our priority, and our elevator is very safe to use for all people. We use the latest technology to design our very safe elevator, and our lift cost in Mumbai is also not high.

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