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Different Types of Construction Lifts and Their Uses

At the construction sites, there is a requirement for powerful tools that will help in making the process of construction less complicated. Nowadays, the use of construction lifts has become quite common just because these can perform countless tasks which were earlier very difficult for humans to perform. From taking the workers to a higher level of the building to heavy material, everything is done with the help of construction lifts. You might easily find many construction sites hiring the best construction hoist lifts to ease the work.

There are many types of construction lifts available in the market. Some of them are listed below, along with their uses.

  • Articulating boom lifts: These lifts are also known as knuckle lifts as they have a distinctive arm shape. The base of the arm of this lift is mounted to a turntable that will allow full circular motion. The flexible design bends around and over obstacles will help lift different things. These lifts are mainly used for piping, exterior cleaning, and maintenance projects.

  • Telescopic boom lifts: This type of lift has the feature of an extendable arm that can easily reach different heights. This lift is a straight arm that can freely rotate the turntable. There is a bucket-like structure that can hold around 1 to 2 people in it. Even these kinds of lifts are used for exterior uses only.

  • Cherry pickers: This lift is also known as an aerial lift as it is a bucket attached to trucks. These lifts feature an aerial platform attached to a hydraulic crane. Most workers use the cherry picker or orchids. Not only this, these lifts are commonly used in warehouse stations.

  • Electric scissor lift: In this lift, there is no such arm but has electric scissor supports with a broad platform on it. This lift can only move up and down to some extent. This lift needs to be placed right underneath the work area. Many use these lifts for exterior building repair, window installation, and even window cleaning.

  • Telescopic Forklifts: This lift is also known as Telehandlers as it has an extendable boom equipped with the lifting attachment. The traditional forklift will help in extending the height of the lift. This lift can work upwards, downwards, forwards, and backward. This type of lift is required in a tricky location where there is the movement of items.

  • Heavy duty forklifts: As the name suggests, these are the lofts required to uplift and move heavy goods from one place to another. These lifts can lift and support up to 36,000 pounds at a time. Many industrial companies use these types of lifts for their work inside.

Nowadays, the construction lifts have made the work at construction sites easier. No matter what the weight, capacity, or site condition is. You can easily get the best construction material lifting hoist to get the best work experience there. 

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