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Enhance the Visual Appeal of Your Space with ICARE Lifts’ Capsule Elevators  

Capsule lifts, commonly known as glass lifts, are unique types of elevators that work on the same principles as elevators but offer different designs. Generally, a capsule lift in Bangalore is installed on the outer face of the building, improving the visual aesthetic of the building. A capsule lift for home in Bangalore contains fully enclosed cabins or pods, unlike traditional elevators that move vertically within the elevator shaft.

ICARE Lifts is a capsule lift manufacturer that facilitates highly safe lifts for home and commercial buildings at a reasonable capsule lift price in Bangalore. We also offer customization that ensures you can install the capsule lift without considering space and other factors. Contact us and get the capsule elevator for your home in Bangalore according to your needs.

Usage of Capsule Lifts

A capsule lift in Bangalore has a unique design and various advantages, enabling the option to install it at various places.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial buildings, such as offices, shopping malls, corporate headquarters, etc., are the biggest users of the capsule elevator in Bangalore. It comes with a stylish design and a transparent wall, adding a touch of luxury and aesthetic appeal to the building’s interior. Apart from this, it also offers efficient transit between floors for employees, shoppers, and visitors. 

Tourist Attractions

The capsule lift becomes vital at the tourist attraction as it offers a scenic view due to the transparent wall, enhancing the tourists’ overall experience. A capsule elevator in Bangalore is best-suitable for museums, theme parks, observation towers, and other similar locations.


Airports also incorporate capsule elevators to facilitate the transportation of passengers as transparent walls of lift can offer a unique view of airports and their surroundings. 

Residential Towers

Residential towers also install capsule lifts to attract potential buyers, as they can offer a premium transportation experience to the residents. Moreover, it also gives a modern touch to building design. At ICARE Lift, we offer a reasonable capsule lift for home costs in Bangalore.

Advantages of Capsule Lifts

  • Installing a capsule lift in Bangalore enhances the aesthetic of your space and allows passengers to get a scenic view during transit.
  • In a capsule lift, counterweight systems lower the power consumption, making it more energy efficient than traditional lifts.
  • Capsule lifts can be installed in a compact place as it requires a smaller shaft than conventional lifts. With ICARE Lifts’ customization option, you can install it in a smaller space.
  • Incorporating it into your space can offer you a modern and innovative touch. 

What Makes ICARE Lifts the One-Stop Destination for Capsule Lifts?

ICARE Lifts is a pioneer in the lift industry with more than four decades of experience. We manufacture lifts in different shapes and sizes, including a small capsule lift for a home in Bangalore. With us, you can avail the premium features and best build quality at a reasonable price.

Why Choose Us?

ICARE Lifts has been in the industry for over 10 years and is passionate about solving the movement issues between floors in commercial, residential, and retail stores. We provide customized lifts for compact or small spaces. We have decades-long experience in providing customized lifts & non-standard elevator solutions, especially the capsule lifts in Bangalore that meet your requirements.

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