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hoist lift construction

10 Types of Lifting machinery Commonly Construction

Apart from food and cloth, lodging is considered a basic need of human beings. They have made a great leap in the improvement of house quality. In modern society, they live in pucca houses made of concrete walls. Due to the population explosion, human beings developed flats and skyscrapers. These tall buildings have different floors. It becomes difficult to climb the building. Hence, elevators were invented to solve the problem. Elevators are the flagship inventions in the field of infrastructure. In the 21st century, there are different types of elevators, based on needs. Like the hoist lift construction elevators are used to lift raw materials in construction areas.

In the modern world, the elevator is used for multiple uses. Based on their utilities, different types of elevators are available in the market. Some of them are as follows.

  •  Lift for fire evacuation: This is a customized elevator used specifically for emergency uses during a fire evacuation. It has a special feature, like the fireproof panels, which can survive for at least 2 hours during a fire break. This elevator can be found in residential and commercial buildings, like factories, hospitals, refineries, hotels, etc.

  • Capsule lifts: As the name suggests, it is a capsule-shaped elevator. These elevators are famous for their appearance and glass body. Unlike other elevators, it is fixed on the outer surface of a building. In recent years, these elevated are found in shopping complexes.

  • Construction elevators: These elevators are used for specific objectives. They are constructed in the construction areas. It helps to lift construction materials and construction workers in construction buildings.

  • Elevators for the gear machine room: These types of elevators are placed in the machine room above the lift shaft. 

  • Elevators of the compact platform: This elevator is designed to fit and utilize in limited space. They are user-friendly. In general cases, these elevators are used for employees only.

  • Hydraulic elevators: These elevators are very expensive. They are offered in the market in different shapes and sizes. They have higher durability, as the internal components are made of better raw materials. They are available in luxurious multi-store structures.

  • MRL home elevators: These elevators are custom build as home elevators. The actual purpose of these elevators is to carry goods and people into the home. In addition, the capacity of these elevators is directly proportional to the accessed floor in the house.

  • Passenger Hoists: These types of elevators are available in different capacities and speeds. Certified approval by the government is given to these elevators.

  • Material Hoists: The material Hoists come in different speeds lifting heights, and capacitance. They are also certified by the government. The electric consumption on these elevators is less compared to other versions. This provides us with an opportunity for savings. In addition, they are durable.

  • Service elevators on temporary: As the name implies, these elevators are constructed temporarily. They’re available in the form of a large platform for the transportation of goods and people.


From the above pointers, you can highlight the types of elevators. Some of the popular elevators are service elevators, capsule elevators, construction material lifting hoist, etc. 

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