Passenger Hoists

ICARE Lifts Passenger & Material Hoist come in a variety of capacities, speeds, and lifting heights. All
versions are certified by Govt. Certified Charted engineer. Heavy Duty design protects the structure's
and electrical controls' long-term viability.

ICARE – Your Best Source For Passenger Hoists

A passenger hoist is a lift on construction sites that is used to hoist people or materials. ICARE Lifts brings you state-of-art passenger hoists in varying options and capacities that are certified as secure and eco-friendly. We provide both passenger lift for home and commercial construction sites.

Passenger Hoist for Home

When constructing multi-storeyed houses or apartments, you will need a passenger hoist. These lifts are normally kept compact but can come in any size. Two key yardsticks for passenger hoists are security and cost-effectiveness. Since these lifts are meant to hoist passengers in buildings still under construction, their security is of paramount importance.

Passenger Hoist Lift for Other Purposes

A passenger hoist may be used for the construction of commercial buildings as well. These passenger lifts must be able to attain great heights and normally tend to have a higher capacity. ICARE Lifts is one of the most trusted sources of passenger hoists of these types as well.

ICARE- For All Your Lift Needs

The passenger hoists by ICARE Lifts are secure and budget-friendly – we have different options with different elevation and weight-carrying capacity specifications. Not only passenger hoists, but ICARE Lifts can also be your go-to source for all types of lifts, elevators, and other such needs. We are a trusted brand in the industry with numerous trusted customers.


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